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Lightly Played! P. Mauriat 180 GL Student Alto with Case and Motuhpiece, Serial #PM0402520

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Product ID: PM0402520PM180GLAlt


HELP, I Want One!

Great Starter to Advanced Student Model!
This is a very nice P. Mauriat 180 G Student alto saxophone, serial number PM0402520. The 180 hands down plays circles around many of the other current production student saxophones and even surpasses some of the other saxophones that are built for intermediate players.  It features comfortable key ergonomics top to bottom and is keyed to high F#. The tear drop front F key is also especially comfortable and easy to reach. 
This particular 180 has been played a few times on a show room floor. It is still in pristine condition and will be checked out in the Saxquest shop before it ships out. If you are looking to get a great quality student or step up alto you are not going to want to miss out on this one. This is also a viable instrument for a on the go pro looking for something on a tight budget. 
Saxophone does include original case and a mouthpiece. This saxophone also is with a P. Mauriat Super VI neck.