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Lightly Played MacSax FJ-V 7* Series Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone

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Product ID: MacSaxFJV7sTenJY


HELP, I Want One!

This is a FJ-V metal 7* mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The piece has seen some past play time but is in great shape. Its facing profile is in nice original condition regarding the table, tip and side rails. The beak and bite plate are in excellent condition, currently the bite plate is being protected with a black mouthpiece patch. 
The FJV mouthpiece is constructed with a large inner chamber leading into rounded inner side walls. These pieces are made for the player looking for a modern application of the classic vintage metal feel and sound. The tip opening on this piece measures .102”. All of these FJV pieces were originally hand finished by Eric Falon. This one is still in pristine condition regarding the original facing.