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Lightly Played Buffet Senzo Red Brass Model with Additional Silver Plate Neck, Serial #40940

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Buffet Senzo – Lightly Used with 2 Necks
Unequivocally, the most in tune and perhaps the most responsive saxophone that we've seen in our 30+ years of dealing in vintage and modern professional saxophones. The Buffet SENZO saxophone firmly reestablishes Buffet Crampon as a leader in the high-end professional saxophone manufacturing business.
This particular Buffet Senzo is in outstanding condition. It was professionally played and maintained for a short period of time. There is a little bit of light scratching on the instrument but nothing serious. There is no history of any past repair, no dents and no re-solders.  It ships in perfect playing condition with a pro set-up from our shop in the original Buffet case. This saxophone does include our 1 year service warranty. It also has the original copper neck as well as a hand selected silver plate neck. 
- Please stay tuned for more information, pictures and video of this saxophone. 
The design team for the SENZO is entirely French so the saxophone is conceptually 100% Buffet-Crampon in Paris. The bell, body tube and bow are all manufactured at Buffet Crampon in Paris. The bell is hand hammered in the old school tradition. Its then precisely formed under high water pressure. The body tube is the S3 Prestige. Its design was pioneered by retired craftsman, Ghislain Rousseau, a trainee of Robert Carrée who made the Dynaction and who designed the S1 with Daniel Deffayet. His work in global volume of the saxophone was revolutionary. Anyone who has played a Buffet S3 Prestige knows how good that saxophone was. The bow is an entirely new design using the S1 as a starting point focusing on intonation and response adjustments that included both tone hole placements & diameters and precisely determined inner tube dimensional adjustments. The "secret" to the extremely fluid response as well as highly accurate intonation can be revealed in the bore of the bow, entrance/exit diameters, and the length of the bell. The neck is also made in Paris and is crucial. The cavity on the regular neck is smaller than the S3, which gives more flexibility, especially in the low register. "Amplitude" necks are an acoustic option with a bigger cavity that gives more projection (this is actually the original S3 neck).
The SENZO keywork is manufactured at Keilwerth in Germany. The keywork is similar to the CX90 in regard to the pivoting B/Bb table mechanism which was inspired by the Buffet S1 and S3 Prestige saxophones. The assembly, full key fitting, padding and precise adjustment is also done in Germany on the JK Production line. The assembly process is highly scrutinized from the precision of each tone hole and pad cup to the fitting of every post and key. Having highly skilled workers already in place at Keilwerth makes this an ideal situation.