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Late Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone Serial #213255 – Repair Special

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Our Price: $ 2,800.00

Product ID: 213255MarkVITen

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Mark VI Tenor – Low Price, Needs Restoration
This is a vintage Mark VI tenor saxophone from the mid 1970's, serial number 213255. If you have a tech in mind this would be a way to pick up a Mark VI for not a lot of money. 
The pictures of this saxophone tell its story the best. It has been extensively re-lacquered in the past and has also seen its fair share of body trauma since that time. The body tube has been bent and there is still a number of existing dings along the bell and body tube.
The last shop to work on this horn did attempt to do pad work on the sax with out correcting the body. As it sits it will play down to a low D with some difficulty. This saxophone will need to receive a large amount of body work plus an overhaul before it is going to be in any shape to be played seriously. Due to the amount of damage the neck has received it is most likely going to need to be replaced by the next user. If your tech is really good at body and neck work it is possible that they could re-shape it. But a replacement is most likely going to be necessary. This saxophone is with out a neck an lyre screw. It should also be mentioned that the octave key lever is not original. As it shares the same lacquer color this replacement was most likely done on the sax before the last time it was re-finished. 
We would love to do this saxophone up right but as our shop is already very backed up we are offering it in as is condition at a low price. If you are repair tech yourself or have someone in mind this would be a good way to get into a VI at a lower price point. Instrument ships in as is condition with a used protec case. 
Please let us know if you have any questions.