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Late Vintage Buescher True Tone Bass Saxophone, Serial #212908

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Our Price: $ 8,000.00

Product ID: 212908BueschBass

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Satin Silver Bass Sax
This is a great late vintage Bueshcer True Tone bass sax in silver plate, serial number 212908. Saxquest has had a fair number of these beasts in over the years and it is nice to find a late one in such pristine  condition. Most of the time these instruments are riddled with bad re-solders and dent work. The body on this one in particular is superb showing no outstanding history of serious re-solders or major dent repair. Its body tube, upper J tube, bell, bow and bow cap are all in exceptional original condition. The body to bell brace is in good shape and has never been compromised. All of the drawn tone holes are also in outstanding original condition.
The finish shows off a nice satin silver with burnish silver around the front of the bell where the Buescher signature is located. All of the original key work, rods and posts are all intact and in good shape. The Buescher neck with the saxophone is also in good condition and will be fitted with a new neck cork.
Right now this saxophone is playing decently as it sits. To keep the price down on the sax we are not going to do our full professional set up on the sax. But we will make sure it is sealing from low Bb all the way up. Due to our works shops backed up schedule please allow a 4-6 week window after purchase to allow us to make sure everything on the sax is sealing satisfactory. It should be stressed how rare it is to find a late Buescher bass in such nice condition. The later models are especially sought after because they are known to tune much better then the earlier ones. This one plays with a big and rich sound. It does take some air as you would expect but the sound and resonance is incredible.