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Late Vintage Berg Larsen 115/0 M Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Bari Sax

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Berg Larsen 115/O M HR
Here we have a hard rubber Berg Larsen 105 over O M mouthpiece in hard rubber. Mouthpiece includes cap and ligature. This piece plays with a nice medium warm color and it is capable of being played with a lot of power and projection. 
This mouthpiece comes from the late 1970's. The outer body is in decent condition showing standard cosmetic character for an older piece. At some point someone did some refacing work to this piece. As it sits the side rails and tip rail are in decent condition. The lower table has some more aggressive side to side marks. This is not something we typically see. The piece has been play tested in our shop and is a  nice player, very flexible. This piece would be great for use in jazz ensemble.