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Late 80s Vintage Professional Wood Selmer Paris Low C Bass Clarinet - Serial # D4658

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Product ID: D4658SelmerBass


HELP, I Want One!

This is a tremendous, top shelf professional Selmer Paris bass clarinet with keywork to low C, serial number D4658. The serial number dates this horn to the late 1980's; it was previously owned by a professional player and well cared for, and remains in excellent physical condition.


This Selmer Paris bass features a grenadilla wood body with silver plated keys. The previous owner had smaller hands and so had risers added to nearly all of the touch points; we'll remove these before shipping, and polish up all of the keys to shine like new. The instrument was well cared for and well maintained, but it had been some time since it was last completely repadded. Before shipping, we'll take it completely apart, replace all pads and material, and regulate the stacks for proper feel and response. We'll finely adjust key heights and spring tensions, so that when completed, it will feel and play like a new horn again. Stay tuned, as we'll get new photos of the instrument once the work is completed.


This clarinet remains in excellent overall condition. There are minor surface scratches here and there, but no cracks and no signs of prior crack repairs. The original neck and bell are included, which show no prior dents or dent repair. This instrument was obviously extremely well cared for and never abused.


Currently playing through some leaks, you can still get a sense of the presence and color this instrument has. It plays with a deep and robust sound, with good focus and a strong core. This is a premium model bass for discerning professionals, and we'll make sure it is playing perfectly when you receive it. Comes in its original case as pictured.