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Late 19th Century Vintage Heckel Bassoon in Good Overall Condition - Serial # 3902

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Product ID: 3902Heckel


HELP, I Want One!

Geniune vintage Heckel bassoon, serial number 3902, dating from the late 19th century. This instrument is currently in need of a repad/restoration. It is all intact with all keywork free and moving, but it has been sitting for a number of years and needs some attention.


The wood body is in good overall condition, showing typical wear for its age. The tiger striping looks beautiful in person. Upon cursory inspection, I don't see any cracks, but there is some wear to the wood, as seen in the pictures. The tenons are in great shape, with no chips or cracks. Both pictured bocals are included.


This is a bargain price for a vintage Heckel. Ships in a good case.