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Late 1920's era Selmer 'Airflow' Mouthpiece for Eb Alto Saxophone

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Product ID: SelmAirFlow1210


HELP, I Want One!

Early Vintage Great Condition!

This is a Selmer "Airflow" vintage mouthpiece for alto saxophone. This mouthpiece is a part of history, in the early days of Selmer mouthpiece manufacturing they created this "Airflow" piece with a completely rounded out large chamber with concave side walls. This piece has a very dark tone and blows with only a slight bit of back pressure. The table is in great shape as well as the side rails with only one slight indentation on the left rail. The piece has no oxidation to speak of, and the physical condition of this piece is great for its age. The engravings have faded and lost their paint, but the Selmer logo is still visible. There are slight scratches and teeth marks across the beak and the rest of the exterior.

This mouthpiece's tip opening measures at 0.052 inches (1.32mm).