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Lamberson Wood Fmaj7 .070 Motuhpiece for Soprano Sax

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Fmaj7 .070 “ for Soprano by Fred Lamberson
This is an older Lameberson Fmaj7 wood mouthpiece for soprano saxophone in a .070” facing. The body of the mouthpiece is in good shape and does not show any cracking. There is a little bit of cosmetic wear around the beak and outer body but nothing too significant. The facing profile of the mouthpiece is in good condition and does not have any notable imperfections. 
This piece plays with a very open full resonating response and a warm character. The low register is especially responsive but the piece becomes more resistant as you get into the upper register. If you are planning on putting a lot of play time on the piece it might ultimately be necessary to have the profile professionally “trued”. In order to keep the price at a premium we are selling it in as is condition.