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Keilwerth - Vintage Conn DJH Modified Tenor Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #86673

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Product ID: 86673ConnDJHTenTC


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Conn DJH Modified 110M – Made by Keilwerth
This is a very cool vintage Conn DJH Modified 110M tenor saxophone made by Keilwerth, serial number 86673. These models were released by Conn in the early 1980's in a limited number as a professional horn. They were manufactured by Keilwerth and play very similar to the Couf models but are much more hard to come by. These horns feature rolled tone hole construction with key work to high F# 
The body of the tenor is in solid condition but it does show the history of a lot of past use and some repair. Their has been some past body and solder repair done to this horn in the past. At this time some dings still remain and the neck has been pulled down. This tenor came into the shop playing with some difficulty on its current set of pads. As it is overdue for some serious TLC it is not gig ready at this time. But that being said I was able to get a  impression of the rich, powerful  sound the horn has. These tenors are not talked about a lot but they are incredible players and perfect choice if you are looking to for a marriage of the Keilwerth and classic Naked Lady. 
At this time the horn is at the point where it ideally needs to be overhauled along with some needed body work. Not all of the pads are terrible but they are on the older side despite not looking like they have seen much use. You might be able to get by with less work depending on how picky you and your tech are. Ultimately a complete overhaul is recommended before this horn will be ready for serious use.
We are currently offering this tenor in as is condition in order to keep the price low. However if you would like us to do the work please make the “add an overhaul” selection when putting the item in your shopping cart. A professional Saxquest overhaul would include necessary body work, cleaning, key fitting and set up with all new pads, felts, corks and resonators. Please keep in mind at this time the current turn around for a complete overhaul is 10-12 weeks in our shop.