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Keilwerth SX90R Vintage Series Tenor Saxophone, Serial #129131 Mint Condition!

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Our Price: $ 4,195.00

Product ID: 129131KeilSx90RVinTen

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Keilwerth SX90R
This is a Keilwerth SX90R “Vintage Series” tenor saxophone, serial number 129131. The saxophone is in stellar condition and has not received too much play time from the last owner. There is absolutely no history of repair and the saxophone is still playing great on its original factory  set-up. One of these horns sells brand new for over 8,000 so this is a perfect opportunity to pick one up for a low price. 
The SX90R “Vintage” is a beautiful show case of a bare brass body with silver keys, pearl touches and rolled tone holes. Its palm keys can also be adjusted to fit the contour of anyone's hands, small or large. Like other SX90R models the Vintage features a double arm mechanism on the G# key to prevent the key from sticking. 
This particular horn is extremely free blowing with a lush and very full response across all registers. These saxophones are ideal for the modern saxophonist who needs a lot of power and flexibility. Because the saxophone came into our shop playing nicely on its original factory set-up we will not be doing any additional service work to the instrument. This saxophone ships out in a non original Keilwerth soft contoured case.