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Keilwerth Stencil Alexandre Tenor Sax with Rolled Tone Holes - Serial # 26638

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Product ID: 26638AlexandreTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a vintage Keilwerth-produced Alexandre tenor sax, serial number 26638. Despite the different name engraved on the bell, this is a Keilwerth through and through. It has the JK stamping on the tube with “Made in Germany”, and the Keilwerth crown engraved on the bell. It has just been repadded in another shop and ships in perfect playing condition.


This tenor looks fantastic, with over 90% original lacquer intact. Most of the wear is on back of the tube from resting against the player and previous neckstraps. The horn has had a couple minor dings removed over the years, but no serious past dent work or trauma, and the sax is currently dent-free. The neck has never been pulled down. As mentioned, it does have all new pads and material, and is fitted with metal resonators. The original long wrap-around keyguard is cracked (included separately in the case), so an aftermarket polycarbonate piece was fashioned and is currently on the sax, as seen in the photos.


This tenor plays just as you'd expect from a top end Keilwerth. It has a very big, powerful sound, with an edge in its voice that cuts well. It plays with a lot of punch and power, easily filling up a big room. If you like the sound of an SX90 or vintage Tone King, this is a great option at a much lower price.