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Keilwerth - Buffet Crampon 'Expression' Gold Lacquer Tenor Saxophone, Serial #98255

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Product ID: 98255BuffetTen


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Buffet Tenor Sax – Keilwerth Adjustable Palm Keys
This is an older Buffet Crampon “Expression” tenor saxophone, serial number 98255. The Expression is not a horn we see a lot of. They were made for a short time in the early 1990's and had Buffet stamped on the bell. Keilwerth soon after moved to their main production horn being the SX90R. These saxophones showcase modern key work to high F# with a tear drop front F. They also have adjustable palm keys and straight tone holes. In comparison to the SX90r this horn does have a smaller bell/bell flare. 
Physically this tenor is in tremendous condition and has no history of any major past trauma or repair. It has received no major body work or re-solders. The original neck is also in perfect physical condition. This saxophone does show some normal cosmetic wear from past play time on the inside of the bell as well as some of the key touch points. All of the original keys and key pearls are also in excellent condition. 
This is a super free blowing and responsive player. It is highly flexible and would make a great pro level horn for anyone looking for for something with a lot of versatility. The altissimo register really sings and the bell keys are exceptionally full. It came into our store having recently receiving service in another shop. At this time most of the factory pads and materials are still on the horn. It is currently playing nicely as it sits so we are selling it in as is condition in order to keep the price down. As many of the pads and materials are now around 30 years old the horn will need more work in the not too distant future if you are planning on doing a lot of serious playing on it. 
This horn is ideal for anyone looking for the vibe of a professional Keilwerth while saving some money. Ships in as is condition with a newer Keilwerth box case.