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Julius Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone in Black Nickel and Gold – 1990's, Serial #103387

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Product ID: 103387KeilwerthSX90RTen


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Keilwerth SX90R
This is a very nice Julius Keilwerth tenor saxophone in the classic black nickel and gold key format, serial number 103387. The SX90R is has one of the most unique and well recognized looks and sound of all modern saxophones. This one shows history of plenty of performances but is in solid condition from top to bottom. The original finish has a beautiful look and shine across the body. These SX90R show cases a black nickel finish with gold lacquered key work as well as gold around the inner bell. The R in SX90R indicates rolled tone hole construction. It has an ergonomic tear drop front F key, high F# key and all three of the palm keys have adjustable mechanisms allowing them to be adjusted to the contours of any size hand. Another unique point of mention is the double mechanism over the G# key to prevent the key from sticking.
The body of this saxophone is in very nice physical condition showing some typical cosmetic character for a played on pro horn. This saxophone has never seen any serious body repair or re-solders. The bow, bow cap, bell and bell flare are all in nice original condition as is all of the rolled tone holes. This saxophone comes with the original Keilwerth neck. The neck is in great shape. Some of the finish near the cork is missing but the neck is physically in excellent condition. 
This tenor came into our shop playing on the original factory set-up. As it has been some time since it has received any TLC it is currently awaiting a professional set-up in our shop. The Saxquest professional set-up will include a complete dissemble, cleaning, key fitting and replacement of needed key materials. While the horn is in our shop we will also clean up the smallish hard to see ding on the bell as well as find a replacement for the missing bell to body brace screw. Once complete the saxophone will be in perfect playing condition. 
Unlike almost all of the other pro horns out there, Keilwerth is not an attempt to copy the Mark VI. It has a bigger body/bow allowing for the player to be able to push a ton of air through it very quickly. Just like a vintage Conn Naked Lady, a SX90R is never going to let you down if you need to push it hard. These tenors have a highly flexible middle of the round sound color which allows for an unimpressive amount of sonic flexibility. The high level of versatility makes the SX90R an ideal choice for any contemporary tenor player who covers a lot of styles. Its power and projection makes it a favorite of rock and soul/funk players.