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Joseph MGS-2 Professional oboe - gold plated keys - Dark and Powerful tone!!

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Product ID: HM39Josephoboe


HELP, I Want One!

Complete Professional adjustment


Here we have a world-class oboe made by one of the finest high-end oboe makers in the world. This is a Joseph MGS-2 professional oboe. It plays with a powerful dark tone that is perfect for orchestral or chamber music. The low end on this instrument is unbelievable, like a warm knife through butter. It also has a remarkable scale. This is definitely one of the most choice orchestral oboes I've ever had the pleasure of playing. This instrument produces a dark and powerful sound, rich in harmonics.

This instrument was purchased new a few years ago by a retired lady who wanted to get back into playing oboe after a lifetime break from the instrument (money was not an object for her). She spent nearly $10,000 on this oboe. It was broken in properly and then only used sparingly until she decided it was just too much work to become proficient again and laid it down. This instrument is indistinguishable from a new instrument: NO cracks or damage repairs of any sort; NO plating wear on the keys. The wood is absolutely gorgeous!! The bore is perfect, like glass. We've given it a full professional setup in our shop and it plays like a dream! Comes with the original case in excellent condition.

    3rd octave

    Left-hand F

    Low B-flat resonance

    Low B resonance

    Trill keys = Low B-C#, Low C-C#, C#-D#, D#-E, G#-A, A-flat-B-flat and A#-B, C-C#, C-D