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Jody Jazz Super Jet 7 Silver Plated Metal Mouthpiece for Alto Sax

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Product ID: JodySupJet7AltSR


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Super Jet 7 with Cap and Lig
This is a very nice Jody Jazz Super Jet 7 for alto saxophone. The piece has only been lightly used and ships with a H ligature and cap . The tip opening on this piece measures .086”.
Power and projection are derived from the small step baffle design. Brightness, edge and cut are enhanced by the silver-plated virgin bell brass which gives the SUPER JET a crisp clean brightness that can get very funky and dirty and due to the beak design the piece really vibrates. Like all JodyJazz mouthpieces the SUPER JET features a hand-crafted baffle, thin tip rail and side rails for that instantaneous response that JodyJazz is famous for.