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Jody Jazz DV Series 9* Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone – With Cap and Lig

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DV 9* for Tenor Sax
This is a nice Jody Jazz DV in a 9* for tenor saxophone. The piece is in excellent condition and ships with the original cap, lig and box. These DV pieces are a go to choice if you need a brighter sound with a lot of power and volume. They are ideal for work in rock and R&B settings. 
This one has been played on in the past but is in great shape around the outer body and facing profile. The table, side rails and tip are in pristine condition as well. The Jody Jazz DV is built with a medium large chamber which leads into a drop baffle with a high floor. They take the air in quick and are very efficient and loud players. This one in particular has a huge tip opening at .125”.