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Jody Jazz DV Chi 7* Silver Plate Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone with Ring Ligature

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Product ID: JodyChi7sTen115


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7* Jody Jazz Chi
This is a very nice used Jody Jazz DV Chi 7* mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It does include the original ring ligature. The last owner of the piece put a decent amount of play time on it while taking very good care of it. Its outer body is in good shape as is the facing profile. There is just a little bit of cosmetic wear from previous reed placement but nothing serious. 
The Chi model is noticeably warmer then the standard Jody Jazz DV but is still much brighter then the DV NY model. This piece is perfect if you are looking for a versatile jazz piece capable of a lot of power. It features a wide open inner chamber with a unique floor and baffle profile. The tip opening on this particular piece measures .108”.