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Inventory Closeout! Forestone Bamboo Synthetic Reed for Eb Bari Sax

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HELP, I Want One!

Authentic Sound And Feel

Saxquest is clearing out some products to make shelf room for new stock. These are brand new items unopened and un-played for a discounted cost. Supplies are limited, if you are going to order in bulk please feel free to send us a direct message to inquire on inventory amounts. zac@saxuest.com



Forestone is a great choice for clarinet and saxophone players at skill levels who see to free themselves from the problems of inconsistency and instability associated with cane reeds.



Forestone reeds are made with a special material that contains wood fiber, more that 50 percent of each is actual bamboo. The result is a clarinet or saxophone reed that not only sounds and feels like a good cane reed but looks like one too.