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Inventory Blow Out! Greg Osby 6 Signature Series for Alto Sax by MACSAX

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G. Osby 6 Signature for Alto
This is the new MacSax Greg Osby Signature Series mouthpiece for the alto sax. Designed with Osby's input and research into making a defining alto sax mouthpiece, this hard rubber piece is a great option for today's lead player. Sort of Meyer-esque but with more bite. All of these are custom hand finished by MacSax. 
This particular piece is a piece from the sales floor at Saxquest. It has been played a few time but is still in new condition. Do not miss a chance to pick one of these up for blow out savings. Mouhtpiece includes cap and lig set.
The Greg Osby Signature Series alto mouthpiece was designed by Eric Falcon for and in collaboration with international jazz artist Greg Osby in order to create his unique artistic vision. The sound is deeply personal and uniquely identifiable.This mouthpiece has a uniquely contoured beak shape to facilitate player comfort. It has a medium-small chamber with a moderate amount of baffle.
Each Greg Osby Signature Series Alto mouthpiece is CNC machined in house using state of the art machines and hand finished by Eric Falcon in the critical areas including the tip rail, baffle, table and facing. This combination of precision CNC technology and hand finishing results in a mouthpiece which has unmatched playing capabilities.