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Ida Mari Grassi 'Professional 2000' Low A Baritone Saxophone, Serial #55578 – Barely Played

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HELP, I Want One!

Grassi 2000 Low A Baritone
This is a pristine Ida Maria Grassi “Professional 2000” low A baritone saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 55578. Grassi is an Italian manufacturer and the “Professional 2000” was their pro series at the time of manufacture in the late 1980's. This one looks like it has received very little play time so far. It is in perfect physical condition and shows no history of past repair. The bell, bow, bell, bow cap and bell flare are all in perfect original condition. The original neck with this saxophone is also in perfect physical condition. 
The Grassi shows constructional influences from both French and American manufactures. It has key work from low a to palm F with an elongated tear drop front F key. 
The Grassi baritone plays with a quick response to air flow and an ultra crisp and clear projecting sound. A great item if you are looking for a slightly brighter baritone with plenty of zip and cut in its sound. It is currently sealing up nicely and playing up a storm on its original pads. These pads are still very clean and do not look like they have received much use over the years. As the pads are on the sax are original from the late 1980's this instrument is going to be due for an overhaul in the near future if you are planning on putting a lot of play time on it.
In order to keep the sale price at a premium we are selling this item playing in as is condition on its original pads. Ships with light weright square case.