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HIGH PITCH Original Silver Body/Gold Key Conn Wonder Improved Elkhart Alto Sax # 17468

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Product ID: 17468ConnAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a unique old C.G. Conn Wonder Improved alto sax, serial number 17468. This horn dates to 1909, produced in Elkhart, IN, before a fire destroyed the Conn factory and they had to start over. It is a high pitch instrument, so not very playable in today's band setting, but it is all factory original and can be a neat addition to a sax collection.


This alto sports an original silver plated body with gold plated keywork. The finish is in solid shape top to bottom and is about 97-98% intact. Some minor dings and dimples but no major dents and no signs of past repair, including no resolders. This model was made before Conn was drawing/rolling tone holes, so does have soldered on tone holes, and metal key touches instead of pearl. It is keyed to high F, with a teardrop shaped front F.


If you have a growing collection of saxophone oddities and talking pieces, this can be a fine addition. Ships in its original deluxe hard Conn case.