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Guardala Studio Gold Plated Laser Trimmed Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone

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Guardala Studio Gold Plate
This is a nice Guardala Studio model tenor saxophone mouthpiece in gold plate. The Studio is easily one of the hottest pieces out there for tenor regarding volume and projection. It is also considered to be an extremely bright piece and this one in particular is not an exception. The inner workings o on these pieces show case a high floor and a long drop back leading into the chamber. This one in particular has seen some play time in the past bit is still in great shape. The body, beak and shank all look nice. Its original DG bite plate is also in nice shape as well. This mouthpiece has a pretty clean facing profile along the table and side rails. There is a small wear spot along the outer tip rail on this piece. 
This mouthpiece has been play tested in the Saxquest shop and has a powerful brilliant sound. If you are looking to get a piece to cut over a loud band it is going to be hard to beat out a good Studio model. These gold models do tend to be just a little bit more rounded and a warmer in comparison to the more focused piercing sound of the silver plate. 
This mouthpiece includes a Selmer Paris 402 metal 2 screw ligature. It measures an 8 at the tip opening at .110”.