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Guardala Gold Plated Super King Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone – 118”

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Product ID: GuardSKTen226GH


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Guardala Laser Trim Mouthpiece in Gold Plate With Ligature

This is a very powerful Guardala Super King ( King Curtis) model in gold plate for tenor saxophone. These Super King models have a long high floor baffle with a bullet chamber shaping leading into the chamber. The Super King is one of the brightest mouthpieces out there. This one takes the air in quick and has insane projection. If you are playing tenor in a rock and roll band you are definitely going to be able to cut over the mix with this one.


The mouthpiece is in nice shape around the body and shank. It does have a non original pink bite plate. There is a little wear to one of the front corners of the pink plate. The facing profile of the table, side rails and tip rail is in good shape. This mouthpiece measures original at .118”. It does include a Selmer Paris 402 metal 2 screw ligature.