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Grenadilla Wood Tárogató with Mouthpiece & Case - Great Collector's Instrument

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Our Price: $ 400.00

Product ID: BlackTarogato


HELP, I Want One!

This is a cool old black grenadilla wood Bb soprano tárogató. This instrument is often grouped with the woodwind instruments, because it is played with a reed (either soprano sax or clarinet reeds work), but it traces its roots to Hungarian and Romanian folk music.


This instrument is in good overall condition. There are a couple minute, surface cracks in the very bottom bell joint, but which do not affect play. It has newer pads, but the rods are a bit worn and there is some slop in the keywork. It is playing “ok” as it sits, but may ultimately need some work to really get in top playing shape. We are offering it “as is” as it sits, at a very low price. If you are on the hunt for unique instruments that will stand out in your collection, the tárogató is a great find.


Ships with a handmade tárogató mouthpiece, and in a hard case.