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Great Price! Yamaha YBS-61 'Purple Logo' Professional Bari Sax - Serial # 3300

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Product ID: 3300Yamaha61Bari


HELP, I Want One!

This is a fabulous Yamaha YBS-61 “Purple Logo” low A baritone saxophone, serial number 3300. If you are looking to pick up a versatile pro baritone at a great price a vintage Yamaha is a perfect choice!
The Yamaha 61 was Yamaha's first professional line of saxophones. They featured the purple logo stamping on the bell and also had key bigger sized key guards for the bell keys. This saxophone features key work from Low A to high F. It also features a comfortable front F key with pearl touch point. The Yamaha YBS 61 plays with a warm but very flexible color and would be perfect for anyone needing to cover a wide range of musical settings. 
This particular 61 has had an active life of performance. It was just freshly refurbished in the Saxqeust shop and is now in perfect playing condition. The Saxquest professional overhaul included a disassemble and cleaning which was followed by precise key fitting and pad work. It now showcases a brand new set of premium leather pads, brown nylon resonators and all new corks and felts. 
Like any well played pro baritone there is some history of minor body and solder work. The body tube, bow, bell, J tube and neck are all in very solid physical; condition. There was previous a small pull down on the bell flare. This was brought back to its true position in our shop. 
If you are looking for the opportunity to grab a pro low A baritone for under 5,000 you are going to be hard pressed to find a better instrument. This bari is ultra responsive to air flow and produces a lush warm sound. I was also pleasantly surprised with how flexible of a horn it is. It can be played in intimate situations just as easily as it can be pushed hard for the loud rock and soul band gigs. The balance of pitch and projection on this baritone are absolutely exceptional. Do not miss out on a world class playing baritone at an ultra low price! 
This baritone sax ships in perfect playing condition in the original box case.