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Great Price! Vintage Frank Holton Elkhorn Soprano Sax w/ Good Pads - Serial # 21754

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Product ID: 21754HoltonBbSop


HELP, I Want One!

This is a nice find for players on a budget who like the vintage stuff. This is an old Frank Holton straight soprano in Bb, serial number 21754. This horn was well maintained by its previous owner and ships in good pads, ready to go.


This soprano is currently in raw brass with no finish. I'm not sure what the original finish was; it could have originally been bare brass, but there's no way to confirm. The sax does show no signs of buffing or finish removal. The sax is in solid physical shape, with no dents, dings, or previous repairs, including no resolders. Since this horn did not originally have a neckstrap ring, one has been added. Pads are in very good shape with little playing wear, and are fitted with flat metal disc resonators.


This soprano plays with a free and open response. The sax has some minor regulation issues, but pads are sealing decently. If you have an affinity for the vintage stuff, this is a great opportunity to pick one up at a low price.