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GREAT PRICE on a Store Demo Selmer Paris Reference 36 Tenor Sax - Serial # 825697

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Product ID: 825697Ref36Tenor


HELP, I Want One!

All NEW Factory Accessories Included

This is a store demo Selmer Paris Reference 36 tenor sax, serial number 825697. This tenor is only about a year old or so. It has never been sold or shipped anywhere, and has only been used in our shop for play-testing and demo'ing stuff. Its ease of play has made it a favorite for play-testing mouthpieces here in the last year! Still in like-new condition, it is a great opportunity to pick this model up at a substantial savings.


Looking over the horn carefully, I see just one tiny scratch near the neckstrap ring and some minor scuffing on the bell near the flare, from sitting on a stand. That's it, no other wear of note on the sax body. Minor scuffing on the neck tenon from going in and out of the horn. The sax's case is still in new condition, and it comes with all of its original factory accessories (unused Selmer C*, ligature, neckstrap, etc). The sax will get a fresh cleaning and pro set up from our repair shop before shipping, so that it comes to you in perfect playing shape.


This tenor plays with a rich, warm sound, and while it is on the darker side, it has no stuffiness and remains a very open and responsive tenor. Good resonance in the middle and lower registers, and the top end speaks effortlessly. With its strong core, altissimo just pops. Great all-around tenor for jazz, classical, rock, funk, wherever your next gig finds you.