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Great Price on a New P Mauriat System 76 DK Finish Tenor Sax - Serial # PM0620813

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Product ID: PM0620813Sys76DKTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Mint condition P Mauriat System 76 2nd Edition tenor sax in the Dark Matte finish, serial number PM0620813. We just “discovered” this horn in backstock. The serial number dates it back to 2013, but it was never sold and hasn't even been played all that much. It is in perfect, “new” condition, and available for a great price.


This horn was literally discovered hanging out with some empty cases, somehow it just slipped through the cracks a couple years ago. Though 6 years old now, it is still in new shape with no wear of note. It will get a fresh set up from our repair shop before shipping, where we'll make sure everything is sealing perfectly.


The System 76 is a great option for players who like the P Mauriat lineup, but want something a bit brighter and “bigger” than the 66R series. This horn is not overly bright, the DK finish does tamp down on some of the highs and prevents the horn from getting shrill or piercing, but it does feel bigger than the popular 66R horns. The horn is fairly free blowing, with a fast response and less back pressure than some other modern tenors. Ships in a new P Mauriat protec-style case.