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Great Price Entry Level Selmer USA Bass Clarinet - Serial # 85320

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Product ID: 85320SelmerBass


HELP, I Want One!

Outstanding condition Selmer USA student bass clarinet, serial number 85320. This bass has been well cared for (or has seen limited playing time!) and is available for a low price. If you've been wanting to pick up a low priced bass for funsies, or have an interested student needing their first bass, this is a great option.


This entry level Selmer features keywork to low Eb, and has a plastic body for extreme durability. There is no wear to the body of the horn, and keywork remains tight, showing little finish wear. The neck piece and bell are solid; while the bell does has some minor past dings and dimples around the bottom bow, all is purely cosmetic. This bass does not have a floor peg, nor does it have a slot for it, but does have a couple options for a neckstrap placement.


This instrument came to us playing up a storm on existing pads. The pads are a few years old, but still soft and sealing perfectly, with lots of life left in them. Because it is sealing so well, we are selling it as-is at a reduced price. The bass does ship in its original hard case.