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Great Playing '58 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 79951

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Excellent '5 Digit' Mark VI Tenor with Original Metal Resos

Here's a horn for the serious players out there : this is a 1958 vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 79951. This isn't the prettiest horn around, but it is a tremendous player and is solid physically. If you don't care about looks and only want the sound, you can't go wrong here.


This tenor was relacquered a very long time ago, and even the “newer” lacquer shows a lot of wear. In this business we just call that “character.” The American style engraving on the bell is fainter from the work, but still legible. While it doesn't look pretty, the horn is physically straight. No major dents and no signs of past trauma. The bottom bow, tube, and bell flare are all good. The original neck has the matching serial number, and it has had only a very slight previous pull-down. The neck does currently have a pickup installed, but we're going to remove that and seal it with a flush plug. Look for new photos soon of the completed work.


The previous owner had pads replaced as needed over the years, as most busy professional players do. As such, it came to us on a hodgepodge of pads. Amazingly, all of the factory metal screwback resonators are still with the horn! We're going to take the horn apart, clean it top to bottom, and replace all pads and material. We'll use premium firm leather pads, the original metal resonators, and proper key adjustment corks and felts to give the sax a premium feel. We'll also replace all springs, and during assembly, optimize tensions and key heights for feel and response. It's a total restoration, and will have the sax in perfect playing condition.


I can't wait to give this tenor a spin when our work is complete! It's right next to that fabled 8x,xxx series of horns, which are always amazing players. Blowing through some leaks currently, you can get a sense of the presence and power this horn demonstrates. Its tone is fat and powerful, and it takes your air very efficiently. Our restoration will make it ever better! Grab this one before it's gone.