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Great Players Horn! Vintage C.G. Conn Original Silver Plate, Serial #172015

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Product ID: 172015ConnChuSilvTen


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Conn Chu Berry Tenor 1926 – Includes Bam Cabine Case
This is an early vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” tenor saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 172015. If you are looking for a horn with a lot of volume and cutting  power you will want to take a serious look at this Conn. It was previously maintained and played on by a pro and has a few small refinements which will make it appealing to the modern player.  The body tube and all of the tone holes are in excellent condition. Its bell flare is also in great shape and was never damaged in the past. This saxophone is with the original neck. The neck has never been pulled down. 
This tenor also has all of the great features of the Conn New Wonder II Series. Including rolled tone holes, fingernail file G#, trill G# as well as original silver plating with the gold wash bell flare. The key work is in great shape and has been outfitted with a couple of modifications. The last owner of the horn added a modern thumb rest in the right hand. This is notably very comfortable. Its neck strap ring has also been replaced and moved to a better spot so the neck angle does not feel awkward, especially if you are coming off of a more modern saxophone. The left hand thumb touch has also been replaced with a larger hard plastic touch. A final point of note is the Eb palm key was replaced with longer and more comfortable key. It now looks and feels much better. While this is not “original” it is a positive from a playing standpoint as the original key would have been very short and awkward on this particular vintage of New Wonder. 
The saxophone was overhauled in another pro shot a couple of years ago with premium leather pads and metal TM custom resonators. The back door Eb does have the spring reversed in order to keep it closed. This is a standard preference to minimize points where the horn could develop a leak. The sax came into the shop playing great on its current set-up. Its key work is a little noisy but as it sits and it could use a good silver clean but the horn is sealing up perfectly and playing great.  Because of this we are selling it in as is condition to keep the final cost down as well as the service/shipping time. 
This saxophone ships with a fitted Bam Cabine tenor case. If you play in a lot of modern music settings which demand projection, power and sonic flexibility you will not want to miss out on this Conn.