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Great Deal on a Professional King Zephyr Tenor Sax - Serial # 303197

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Product ID: 303197ZephyrTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a quality 1949 vintage King Zephyr series tenor sax, serial number 303197. Though the Zephyr name would later get dumbed down to more of a student quality sax, this particular example hails from the days when it was still a professional level lineup. In fact, the Zephyr was King's top-of-the-line sax until the introduction of the Super 20 in 1945, and this '49 Zephyr is unchanged from those saxes.


This tenor was relacquered a very long time ago, as the vast majority of Zephyrs have been over the years. The work was done extremely well, with no heavy buffing, and the engraving on the bell remains clean and easily visible. The sax shows signs of normal wear-and-tear from regular use: a smattering of tiny dings in the bottom bow area, and mild lacquer wear on the usual touch points and on the backside of the bell, from where it may rest against the player during play. The original double socket has the matching serial number, and does not appear to have ever been pulled down.


Current pads in this tenor look to be in new condition, but it is not sealing as it sits. There are some leaks especially in the bottom end, and it is not playing down to low Bb. The sax will need a quality adjustment to reseat the pads and fix a slight bend in the body tube. With that work done, you should be good to go for a long time to go, as pads are still in great shape. We are selling the sax as-is needing that work.


This is a great chance to own a quality vintage King tenor at a super low price. Ships in a good hard case.