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Great Condition Selmer S90 180 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece with Cap and Ligature

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Product ID: SelmerS90180Tenor062221

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Quality Selmer Mouthpiece
This is a used Selmer S90 180 mouthpiece for tenor saxophone with a tip opening of 0.068"/1.72mm. This mouthpiece is a standard in the concert band and classical settings for the tenor saxophone. Featuring control and warmth from a squared chamber with flat side walls and a long sloping concave baffle with a rolled tip. The rolled tip of the baffle brings a bit of edge to the louder dynamics of the lower register and a sweet sonic character in the top register with plenty of power at your disposal.
Physically this mouthpiece is in great condition aside from teeth and ligature markings. The gold paint on the engravings is still quite prominent. The table, side rails, and rail tip are in excellent condition, exhibiting no indentations to obscure the beautifully flat surface. This mouthpiece ships with it's original ligature and mouthpiece cap.