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Great Condition Berg Larsen 115/0 M Metal Mouthpiece for Baritone Saxophone

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Berg Metal 115/0 M for Bari
Here we have a used modern production metal mouthpiece by Berg Larsen with a facing marking of 115/0 M with a tip opening just shy of 0.116inch/2.94mm. This piece plays very nicely with a compact edgy tone that one would expect from a piece with the highest baffle marking "0" and a rolled tip. The side-walls are flat and keep airflow economically directed towards the bullet chamber. The table still has its original milling machine markings making gradual concentric arcs and the side rails and rail tip are all in fantastic condition. The piece is free blowing from the longer more gradual M facing length.
The beak doesn't have any teeth markings and physically this piece doesn't show a lot of wear, a single divot in the shank, and a few scrapes on the side of the piece. This piece will ship without any ligature or cap.