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Grassi Model 2000 Ida Maria Original Gold Lacquer Soprano Sax, Serial #56934

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Product ID: 56934Grassi2000SopBb


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Grassi Soprano
This is a very pretty Grassi Soprano Sax. Model 2000 IDA MARIA in original gold lacquer, serial number 56934. From the looks of the soprano it has not seen to terribly much playing in its day. The body is in perfect physical condition and has no history of any repair. It shows no re-solders or dent work. 
This soprano came into our shop playing through some leaks on all the original pads. Because the sax is playing on all of its original pads we are currently offering this saxophone for sale in as is condition for a bargain price. These Grassi sopranos play with a very rich warm sound. Sonically they are comparable to the Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series. This is a great item if you are looking to get into a quality soprano at a low price. Right now it is playing decently but it will ultimately need a re-pad before it is in perfect playing condition.