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Gorgeous Original Silver Plated First Series King Zephyr Alto Sax - Serial # 265305

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Sweet 1942 vintage King Zephyr alto sax in original silver plate, serial number 265305. This is a late “first series” Zephyr, with all of the features of the early run of this model. Produced before the introduction of the Super 20, this was King's top-of-the-line pro model at the time. You rarely see these horns in original finish, and this example really stands out.


This horn was originally earmarked for a military band (it is engraved USMC on the bell). Many of the military horns from this era were silver plated to present that uniform look. My guess it was sold to the military, but saw little use, as it remains in overall pristine shape. There's a couple little dings in the bell, but no other previous damage or repair that I can see. The plating has tarnished a bit here and there, but shows very little wear despite its age. The neck is original to the horn, with matching serial number, though I think the neck has been replated in silver. That's just a hunch based on the sheen of the silver; there's no other evidence to suggest as much, but that's my instinct. It is in excellent physical condition, and has the double socket receiver that King would later use on the Super 20.


This sax was padded a little while back, using brown nylon resonators, and everything is sealing up well. The horn will get a check-over in our shop before shipping, just to make sure pads are sealing well. While we will not be performing our full pro set up, we will make sure there are no leaks before it goes out.


This sax is a dynamic and powerful player. I feel it to be a bit warmer/darker than you may expect from a King, but it still has plenty of punch! If you've been drooling over a vintage King but can't spring for Super 20 money, this is an excellent alternative.