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Gorgeous Original Silver Plated Conn Chu Berry Series Soprano Sax - Serial # 165791

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Product ID: 165791ConnSop


HELP, I Want One!

Exquisite original silver C.G. Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” series soprano sax, serial number 165791. This horn looks incredible with 99% original silver plating intact. It ships with newer pads and a fresh adjustment from the Saxquest repair shop.


The photos don't do this beauty justice. It looks amazing in person. The matte, satin silver body backdropped against the shiny silver plated keys really stands out, and the gold wash inside the bell seals the deal. There are no major dents or previous repairs in this horn anywhere. Pads are fairly new, fitted with brown plastic resonators, and the sax will get a once-over in our repair shop before shipping, where we'll make sure it is up to our standards. After the work, the sax will be backed up by our full year mechanical warranty.


This is a sweet playing horn, with tons of color and warmth oozing out of every note. It has a quick response to even a soft amount of air, and really comes alive when you start pushing it. I wouldn't characterize it as a “loud” horn, but still offers plenty of projection. More than anything, it has just a wonderful color and tonal character. A real gem!