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Gorgeous Original Lacquer King Super 20 Tenor Sax with Black Pad Job - Serial # 437225

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Product ID: 437225Super20Tenor

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This is a beautiful original lacquer 1968 vintage King Super 20 tenor sax, serial number 437225. This tenor looks incredible with 90-95% original lacquer intact. It has a set of good, newer pads and is playing up a storm!


As you can see in the photos, this tenor looks fantastic. The “front” of the horn shows very little lacquer, just on the usual touch points and whatnot. There's only minor scratching and lacquer loss on the back side of the horn, where it may rest against the player during use. A couple small dings have been removed here and there over the years, and there's a smattering of tiny pings in the bottom bow now, but there's never been any serious past trauma. Very minor past dent work in the original neck, which does feature the underslung octave key.


This tenor was repadded not long ago, using tan leather pads that have been painted black to give the horn a unique look. All of the pads are in great shape and the horn is sealing well. We will go through this horn before shipping, replacing any material that isn't up to our standards, and reseating pads as needed. We'll also optimize key heights and spring tensions for an optimal feeling horn.


When I say this horn has a big sound, I'm not kidding. It takes all of the air you can push through it and doesn't back down. This is a very dynamic player, and a great option for players who dig the vintage Super 20 feel and response, but don't want to break the bank for an earlier model.