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Gorgeous Original Lacquer Buffet Super Dynaction Alto Sax - Serial # 19852

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Product ID: 19852BuffetSDAlto

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This is a gorgeous original lacquer Buffet Paris Super Dynaction series alto sax, serial number 19852. The Super Dynaction was Buffet's attempt at going after the famous Mark VI at the time, and they did a stellar job of designing a great all-around instrument. This example, dating to 1973, is in fantastic shape.


The original lacquer on this alto is 95%+ intact with only light wear on the usual touch points. There's a chair ping or two if you look really closely, but no major dents or previous repairs to the body, including no resolders. The original neck does show history of past dent work, though it doesn't appear to have ever been pulled down. This horn was repadded not too long ago, using brown nylon resonators, but the sax came to us with some leaks. As such, it is currently in our repair shop in line for a complete adjustment. We'll replace all key adjustment material and even out the spring tensions and key heights. It will ship in perfect regulation.


Buffet Crampon Paris is obviously known for their premier clarinets, and while their saxes do often play with a warmer, darker sound (and this one is no exception), the Super Dyna offers more punch and projection that you might expect. It takes your air well, even now with some leaks, and will be even better once we are finished with it. Its case is in perfect working order, though the leather trim is coming up around the edges.