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GORGEOUS Original Buffet Paris S1 Series Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 27288

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Here's a horn you don't see very often: a true Buffet Crampon Paris S1 series tenor sax, serial number 27288. This model really gives Selmer a run for its money, as it plays with superb intonation and comfortable keywork under your fingers. This particular example is in pristine condition and has recently been repadded.


The S1 took all the great aspects of the popular Super Dynaction model and improved upon it. The sculpted low Eb/C pinky keys is a great idea. The high F# key actuates extremely comfortably which, when you play the horn, makes you wonder why more companies haven't done this. To add to the great feel of this tenor, it has looks to kill. The original lacquer is 98% intact, with only some mild scratching on the back side of the bell and tube from where it may rest against the player during use. There is just one very minute previous repair: the bell flare was slightly bent on one side. It has been corrected, and the work done so well that you've really got to look hard to spot it.


This tenor was repadded about a year, using leather pads matched with brown nylon resonators. The pads are good, but the tech obviously didn't have much experience working on some of the unique mechanisms of this model, as the action had not been optimized. It is currently in our repair shop to get those kinks ironed out. We'll go through it top to bottom, and make sure it is in perfect adjustment when it ships out.


This tenor plays with an extremely even, warm, colorful tone. It definitely has the classic French sound going for it! It takes your air comfortably with just the right amount of positive resistance to give you something to push against. A great sax for the concert band or classical setting, but when paired with a good jazz mouthpiece, it will sit in well in a combo setting too, especially if you like a darker tone.