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Gorgeous Original Buescher Aristocrat 'Big B Style' Alto Sax Model 140 - Serial # 338796

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Product ID: 338796AristocratAlto


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Beautiful Original Lacquer Aristocrat

Beautiful original Buescher Aristocrat alto sax, serial number 338796. This version of Aristocrat was made just after the Big B and is basically the same horn with different engraving. Produced in 1951, is was made by Buescher before they were purchased by Selmer, and was still their professional horn in its day.


As you can see in the photos, the lacquer is in exceptional condition despite its age. The sax has a smattering of tiny dings in the bottom bow area, but no major dents and no signs of previous damages or repairs. The neck has never been damaged. Pads look to be fairly new, and the horn still retains most of its original snap-in metal domed resonators. Only the palm key resos are missing. The sax also has all of its original gold plated Norton springs and amber rollers as well. It features the famous "railroad track" keyguards. 


I've been a big fan of these “later” vintage Aristocrats for a long time. They are always sweet players and this horn doesn't disappoint. It plays with a warm and colorful tone, with a strong core and a particularly warm and pure upper end. It lends itself well to a good classical setting, but these horns make great jazz instruments too with the right mouthpiece. Ships in its original case, which is also in excellent shape.