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Gorgeous! Keilwerth SX90R Black Nickel and Gold Lacquer Alto Sax, Serial #111179

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Our Price: $ 2,795.00
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Product ID: 111179KeilSX90RAlt

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This is an exceptional Julius Keilwerth SX90R alto in black nickel finish, serial number 111179. This horn is in stellar physical shape with only light surface wear and a few minor scratches. This is a true player's horn with a powerful and unique voice at a great price.
These horns are known for their excellent build quality and this one features all of the bells and whistles associated with the Keilwerth horns. It features rolled tone holes, adjustable palm key heights, double G# key mechanism to prevent sticking, gold lacquer keys, and of course the beautiful black nickel finish. This horn was very well cared for and has seen no major repair work . The body tube, bow, bow cap bell and bell flare all look excellent.
This horn elicits a beautiful warm and lush sound. Its tonal character seems to be very reminiscent of the vintage American made horns. This one leans more towards a spread sound and can really pack a punch when pushed. It has a huge dynamic range and can be a real powerhouse of a horn that would work great in Rock and Roll, R&B, and straight ahead jazz settings.
The SX90R is playing great on its current set of leather pads and metal resonators. Its pads are in good shape and have plenty of life left in them. In order to keep the price of this saxophone at a premium we are not going to put our full professional set-up on it but will check the horn at the bench to ensure all of the pads are properly aligned and sealing. The current price to get one of these altos new is just shy of 6 thousand dollars! Do not miss out on this killing Keilwerth alto.