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Gorgeous 95%+ Original Lacquer Martin Committee III Tenor Sax - Serial # 198150

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Product ID: 198150MartinTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Beautiful condition Martin Committee III tenor sax, serial number 198150. Often called “The Martin Tenor” because of the engraving on the bell, this model is arguably considered the best model ever put forth by Martin. This is a dynamic player, with good pads, and will ship with a fresh pro set up from our repair shop.


The photos tell the tale on this gem. The original lacquer is a solid 95%+ intact, with only light wear here and there. What is more amazing, is the sax shows absolutely no signs of previous damage or repair. There is no dent work and no resolders. They don't come much nicer than this! The original neck has the matching serial number, and it has never been pulled down or damaged.


This tenor was repadded not too long ago, and pads are all still in great shape with lots of life left in them. Fitted with flat metal resonators, it is sealing well. The spring tensions and key heights were not optimal when we got the sax, so it is currently in our repair shop getting the royal treatment. We'll optimize it out from top to bottom, and reseat pads as needed, making sure everything is perfect when you receive it.


The Committee III model tenors are versatile horns, with a very Selmer-like vibe in how they respond to your air, and overall tonal color. I find this to be a responsive and fun blowing horn. Even before our work is completed, you can see that it is going to be an open and resonant horn. Will be even better once our set up is done.