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Gorgeous 80s Vintage Selmer Omega Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 820487

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Our Price: $ 2,400.00

Product ID: 820487SelmerTenor

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Ships w/ Professional Saxquest Overhaul

Beautiful condition 80s era Selmer USA “Omega” series tenor sax, serial number 820487. The Omega was Selmer USA's best effort at creating a true pro level sax to compete with the Selmer Paris Super Action 80, and it is a fine horn for the player on a budget. Slotted to be freshly overhauled in our shop, it will ship to you with all new pads and material and ready to go for a long time to come.


As you can see in the photos, this tenor looks incredible. The lacquer is 99% intact, and the only real wear of note is some scratching near the right hand thumbrest on the body tube, where it was probably scratching up against the player's pants during use. There is one resoldered joint on one foot of the low C keyguard, done very well. In shipping to us, the bottom post (on bottom bow) of the low Eb/C key was slightly pushed in to the body; this will be rebounded and the dent removed during our work. The original neck is in flawless shape.


This tenor came to us on mostly factory original pads, which are old and ready to be replaced. Included in the purchase price is our full professional overhaul. We'll take the horn apart, clean it, and replace all pads and material, using premium firm leather pads and original style metal resonators. We'll do the minor dent work noted above, and optimize key heights and spring tensions throughout. The sax will feel like a new horn again when we are done.


This tenor plays with a very full sound, and while not an overly dark horn, it does have a lot of warmth and a certain lushness that comes through when you play. Good, strong center and a solid foundational core that allows you to push a lot of air through it without feeling like it is bottoming out on you. Even currently playing on old pads through some leaks, I get a sense of power that will only get better once our work is completed. A great tenor for advancing students or pro players looking to pick up a quality horn without breaking the bank. Ships in its original Selmer Vangaurd series case, and the case too is in exquisite condition.