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Gorgeous 1937 Vintage Conn 10M 'Naked Lady' Engraved Tenor Sax - Serial # 279590

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Product ID: 279590Conn10M


HELP, I Want One!

The BEST factory relacquer you'll ever find - ALL Original Conn Resopads
This is a gorgeous, early vintage C. G. Conn 10M “Naked Lady” engraved tenor sax, serial number 279590. The serial number dates this tenor to, within the first few years of this model. It is a very pretty horn, available for a great price.
This tenor looks stunning, and I thought it was original lacquer when I first saw it. Upon closer examination, I think the horn is a very good factory re-lacquer. The color is just perfect for this vintage, and it has an original set of Conn Resopads in it, but on the backside of the sax, there's a couple lacquer runs, and some minor pitting under the lacquer, that you just don't see on original lacquer horns. If I had to guess, I'd say this horn came off the factory line with a blemish in the brass or finish, and was put right back through the line again. Possibly then sold as a “factory second” or something. The pads definitely look like they are 80 years old, and the lacquer is right for this vintage, so it all makes sense.
Like I said, I was fooled when I first saw it, and you will be too. The lacquer looks fantastic and the engraving is perfectly deep and detailed, with no signs of buffing. This horn has never had any pad work done on it, and is completely factory, with all original Conn Resopads. We did some minor tweaks and replaced some material to try to get it play a bit better, and it is currently playing on the old pads. Obviously, if you plan on putting any serious playtime on this instrument, it will need a repad. Due to the uniqueness of this package, we are selling it as-is on the factory set up. But if you would like to add in a Saxquest professional re-pad please make the selection on the drop down menu when checking out. 
Physically, this tenor shows a couple minor spots of dent repair, under a couple keyguards, which have affected the lacquer. There's some minor lacquer fracturing at these spots, as well as in the bell flare which was previously bent on one side. The finish is otherwise perfect, and the neck has never been damaged. This is a fantastic collector's instrument, in absolutely stunning condition.
Note to Buyer: If you would like for us to add a Saxquest professional overhaul please make the selection on the drop down menu when adding this item to the shopping cart. The Saxquest overhaul will included disassemble, cleaning, key fitting, pad work, regulation and play testing. When complete it will be in perfect playing condition with new premium leather pads, corks, felts and metal domed resonators. Please let us know if you have any questions.