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GOLD PLATED Selmer Paris Mark VI Baritone Saxophone WOW!!! - Serial # 88587

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Product ID: 88587MarkVIBari

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This is the true cream of the crop. This is a 1960 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI bari sax in beautiful gold plate, serial number 88587. I don't think I have ever seen a gold plated Mark VI bari before, as the cost to do it is obviously prohibitive. But it's been done on this horn, and it is stunning to see in person.


This beauty is a dynamic and amazing player. Full sounding from low Bb up into the palm keys and beyond, it takes all of the air you can push through it, without ever getting that feeling of bottoming out or hitting a wall. The heavy gold plating (and silver plating underneath that!) adds a whole new layer of color on top of the best Mark VI bari's I've ever played. This is a gem of a horn without a doubt.


Physically, this sax is just about perfect. If I had to guess, this bari was probably originally a lacquer instrument which was later sent to the factory for gold plating. The engraving is just too perfect for anything else, and it even has a flair for the custom, with some aspects that I've not seen before, so almost certainly factory done. There are no dents or signs of past trauma or repair anywhere, and just one resoldered joint on the low Eb keyguard. We'll look at that area closely before shipping, to make it look as clean as possible. The neck is original to the horn, with matching serial number stamped in it. It has never been pulled down or damaged. A previous owner etched “Mark VI” on to the bottom band connecting the body to bottom bow, which is odd obviously, but looks fine.


This bari is truly one-of-a-kind. I've never seen its match in all my years at Saxquest. It's the coolest baritone in the shop right now. Ships in a good hard case, also in excellent shape.