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GOLD PLATED Buescher True Tone Soprano Sax - Serial # 230196

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Product ID: 230196BuescherTTSop


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Freshly Repadded, Pristine Original Condition

This is an absolutely gorgeous, original gold plated Buescher True Tone soprano sax, serial number 230196. We overhauled this horn in our shop about 6 months ago, and it was a pleasure to restore such a beautiful horn. It is a sweet playing soprano and is a great fit for players who love the vintage American sound.


Physically, you'd be hard pressed to find horns of this age (1927!) that look much nicer. The original gold plating is 98% intact, with only minor wear on the bell lip (from sitting on a stand) and here and there on the body. We did some dent work in the top of the tube, where the high E palm key had been pushed into the body, and there was one previous ding near the top of the tube, but there were no other repairs. We also added a triple strap neckstrap ring, since this horn originally had no ring for a neckstrap.


We repadded this horn using premium firm leather pads, and retained the original Buescher metal snaps. The sax is in perfect adjustment and feels like butter under your fingers, with a slightly lighter key action and fairly open key heights. Sonically, there aren't many horns that play sweeter than a vintage Buescher, and this soprano exceeds all expectations. Warm and full, yet extremely free blowing and resonant, this horn has a very lush, rich, colorful sound.