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Gold Lacquer Selmer Paris Series III Alto Saxophone - Serial # 602641

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Product ID: 602641SelmerSIIIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Fantastic condition Selmer Paris Series III alto sax, serial number 602641. This alto has been extremely well cared for, and is as clean as a 20 year old Selmer can be. Currently in our repair shop for maintenance, it will ship out to you in perfect playing shape, backed up by our warranty.


The photos tell the tale of this beauty. The original lacquer is 98% intact, with no major lacquer/finish wear of note. There are no major dents or previous repairs (no resolders), and only one small ding in the bottom bow, which we will remove during our work. The only lacquer wear is cosmetic acid bleed at a few joints, which is commonly seen on many modern Selmers after a few years. The original neck is perfect. This sax has obviously been treated with kid gloves and loved.


This alto came in on many original pads, which are obviously getting up there in years. Our tech is going to do a full disassembly and cleaning, replace any pads that are showing wear, as well as all of the key adjustment corks and felts. We'll optimize spring tensions and key heights, and it will feel like a new sax when you receive it.


This alto plays just as you want and expect from a Series III. Very focused sound with a warm/dark core, and superb intonation. Takes your air quickly and offers just a hint of resistance to give you something to push against. This resistance and foundational core makes altissimo particularly easy to blow. Great classical horn, but can certainly handle jazz with the right mouthpiece. Ships in a like-new Protect box case with plenty of storage.